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We strongly believe that quality is a process not an end result. Therefore we have selected highly professional recruiters with strong technical background. Most of our recruiters are qualified Engineers, Science Graduates & MBAs. They are with HALIAX not only because of their experience and expertise, but also their desire to excel in the field of proper deployment of resources. Thus it is the result of their knowledge and rich experience, that we are able to find the right person at the right time.

Local Recruiting

The strong domestic market means that recruitment activity in India is relatively insular to global fluctuations. However, the crisis in the Eurozone has caused some softening in demand over the past year. This has mainly affected the financial services sector where certain entities require more headcount approvals before making offers, thereby significantly delaying certain hiring processes. Nevertheless, as a number of banks move their finance and operations hubs to India in order to control costs, we are seeing growing areas of opportunity.

Key concerns for job seekers and employers

Within the India employment market, the top three concerns of job seekers are:

1. Package: Job seekers are looking for a 15-20% increase in packages in order to make a new move..

2. Employer Brand: Job seekers are keen to work for companies with quality brands, due to the volume of global companies across multiple sectors opening offices in India and the importance of strong employer brands. Companies need to invest more in developing their brands, especially if they are new and/or lesser known in the India market.

3. Challenge: Job scope is a strong area of concern and at the middle to senior level. Job seekers are looking for roles that offer much more visibility among senior management as well as good autonomy.

The key concerns of employers include:

1. Retention: The Indian employment market is volatile, with organisations seeing an average of 15% attrition. To stem this attrition, many companies are adding more position levels within the company to be able to offer more frequent promotions to employees.

2. Engagement: This is especially true at the management level where employers are increasingly looking at how to engage and retain middle to senior management employees through offering such benefits as stronger career planning and long term incentives.

3. Talent acquisition: This is a concern for employers when dealing with a number of local staffing firms as many of them lack both reactivity and the ability to target CVs to the client's requirements.




6 Months Industrial Training/Live Projects is a fee based training.


Test Process and Interview

  • OOPs concept and Data Structure
  • Software Engineering
  • Operating System
  • DBMS and RDBMS

Project Implementation Process

Project Based Training Domains

  • Windows Applications in VB.NET and SQL SERVER
  • Windows Applications in C# .NET and SQL SERVER
  • Web Applications in ASP.NET with C#
  • Web Applications in ASP.NET with VB.NET
  • Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE)
  • Windows Application in JAVA
  • Java Networking and RMI
  • HTML, XML, Java Script, AJAX
  • Web Development in PHP/MySQL
  • PHP++
  • SEO and Internet Marketing
  • CMS and Framework


All training domains are designed according to the global curriculum of IT Giants like Microsoft, Oracle Corporation, Adobe and Cisco etc.

Oracle Corporation, Adobe and Cisco etc. Internship duration of each domain (given above) is of 6 Months i.e. 180 days. Interview Preparation, Group Discussion and Technical events will also be an extension.

Trainees will go through the Live Project Internship in which we implement the modules of corresponding domains for the last two months.

Special lectures on Internet Marketing, B2B / B2C Portals, ASP.NET Experts guide, Adobe Specialist tips.


The Student will get two certificates. One for Internship and one for Project Completion.

Students will be awarded by 6 Months Industrial Training Letter.

The student has to sign a code of conduct before the Beginning of the program.

Students have to maintain their own project diary which will be verified our project guide.



We are your one-stop shop for turnkey solutions to your training and development needs. With specialist trainers, subject matter experts and learning & development consultants empanelled with us, we deliver quality learning in sync with your organizational needs. For us at Haliax, training is a passion and not just “one of those things that we do”.


We have specialists for each leg of the learning cycle for each level of the organization. That means from JAVA and Android training to Communication Skills and Leadership training, we can offer you end to end services for all your learning challenges and requirements. We invite you to go through the various exhilarating training program offerings from us.


From technical specialists to behavioral consultants, we have a capable team headed by the CTO of Training. This team brainstorms, strategizes and implements customized learning programs that cater to your specific organizational challenges. With a diverse portfolio of industry’s best trainers, Haliax Business Services provides a wider gamut than most other Corporate Training companies..


Customized Training Course: You can enroll into our gamut of training courses in accordance to your convenience. You can also customize a training program based on your requirements by selecting specific topics within the course, number of sessions, schedule and even the instructor from the available list.

Don’t worry! We also schedule one to one sessions between a student and instructor as well.


We offer comprehensive development programme where our candidates take a tour of 'REAL' corporate world. They undergo with various assignments in the companies related to their specialization. They are trained on various management tools that stands them out of the normal corporate crowd. They are also exposed to various corporate people during this programme where it help them to answer their queries.

College Campus Placement is strongest source for HBSPL.

Skill Sets in the Training Programs :
  • Advertising and Product Branding
  • Negotiation Skills
  • System Thinking
  • Strategic Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Spin Selling
  • Six Sigma
  • Software Testing - Manual Testing, QC, QTP, Load Runner, UFT
  • Software Development - Java, ASP, .NET, PHP, Android, Python

Ready To Deploy

We have a unique Campus Recruitment Service which takes care of the process of campus recruitment right from assessment of the students to the training of the recruited students and providing the organizations with ready-to deploy resources.


The entire process of Campus Recruitment involves a lot of human resource overheads, lengthy time, incurring of high costs etc. To cater to these needs we have designed a unique Campus Recruitment Service which takes care of the end to end process to provide an organization with ready-to deploy human resources. This helps organisation reduce a lot of overheads in the process of campus recruitment. We follow an exhaustive methodology of:

  • In-depth understanding of organization’s business
  • Values and opportunities for future resources.
  • Requirements analysis to define competencies
  • Form a Client specific Recruitment Team along with the client team
  • Conducting Assessments
  • Identify and verifying qualified candidates
  • Recommendations of Shortlisted candidates to the Client HR team
  • Contribute to the decision making process
  • Conduct training of recruited candidates in requisite technical and soft skills
  • Ready to deploy Industry professionals in organization

We offer Infrastructure to our Clients for various Projects, Trainings and Meetings @ best cost with best accessibility in Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad.

Infrastructure Available :
  • 30 seater Classroom
  • 65 seater Computer Lab
Infrastructure Locations :
  • Pune
  • Mumbai
  • Hyderabad
  • Ahmedabad
  • Patna>
* Infrastructure for Trainings in Colleges also available.

Global Certification Exams

Sr.No Name of Certification Level
1 ISTQB(International Software Testing Qualification Board) Foundation
2 ISTQB Certified Agile Tester Extension Foundation
3 ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualification Board) Advance
4 IQBBA (International Qualification Board for Business Analysis) Foundation
5 REQB(Requirements Engineering Qualification Board) Foundation
6 REQB(Requirements Engineering Qualification Board) Advance
7 ITCQF (International Technical Communication Qualifications Foundation) Foundation
8 IBUQ(International Board For Usability Qualification) Foundation


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